Potlotek / Chapel Island

Potlotek is located on Cape Breton Island along Highway 104, approximately 10 kilometers to the east of St. Peter’s. The population of Potlotek is approximately 715 individuals, with an on-reserve population of 552. Potlotek is comprised of 1,464 acres, plus an additional 1,633 acres at Malagawatch, co-owned with the other 4 Unama’ki First Nations.

Potlotek consists of an island just off its shores in the Bras d’Or Lakes named Chapel Island. It is considered the capital of Mi’kma’ki, has been designated a National Heritage Site. It is the site of Grand Council meetings, and the annual Sante Mawiomi. Considered a sacred site, it is the home of the St. Anne’s Mission, and has been the gathering place for the Mi’kmaq for centuries.

For more information on our community, please visit www.potlotek.ca.